The phone lock screen is an underutilized piece of screen estate that has been grabbing the attention of app developers from biggies like Microsoft with their Picturesque Lock Screen to many smaller dev studios  with their own interpretation of the ideal screen lock. Today we pick ZUI Locker one of the most popular and highest rated lock screens for android and put it through its paces.

ZUI Locker
Developer: ZUI Locker
Category: Personalization
Google play Rating: 4.7
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Screenshot_2015-05-25-23-01-17Security features

A lock screen serves a couple of interesting uses other than the obvious screen lock function. ZUI Locker needs you to disable the default screen security and they offer an interesting choice of their own lock functions from pin lock to patterns. Though it sounds a bit uncomfortable to turn off the default security option, lock screen replacement is extremely popular among users. We found it perfectly fine to use ZUI’s own locks without any glitches.

Eye candy

 Screenshot_2015-05-25-23-04-05Everybody loves beautiful pictures when you turn on the screen and ZUI Locker allows you to choose your favorite. Well, if you are short of nice pictures from your camera, ZUI offers a gallery of gorgeous wallpapers which are updated regularly.
A gentle tilt to the phone will scroll the wallpaper sideways, nice images to show off your screen. Well thought out eye candy, though we do feel that too many effects may affect battery life. Of course there’s enough customization available to turn them off.
Display of time on the lock screen is taken for granted these days and there’s a good number of choices in layout and fonts available for time display.

Quick shortcuts

What sets ZUI apart is that notifications from apps can also be shown on the lock screen, just select the set of apps that can show notifications.
“One of the most elegant material design lock screens we’ve seen”
Screenshot_2015-05-25-22-49-35Another idea that has been catching on in lock screen apps is quick shortcuts to common features, and this where ZUI locker does a fantastic job of offering an elegant and beautiful implementation of material design on the shortcuts panel. Swiping up on the lock screen pulls up quick shortcuts to flashlight, camera, phone dialer and customizable too.
A thoughtful addition in the shortcuts is a ram booster utility to clear up unused application memory, pretty useful if you have tons of apps and your phone is lagging. A double tap can put the phone back to sleep, again a thought goes into saving the power button presses.

Our verdict

A big thumbs up as a must have lock screen replacement, very elegant and fits nicely into material design. The number of downloads and ratings on Google play speak for themselves in terms of popularity, so try it out.
– Read the uninstall steps in the app FAQ for a clean uninstall
– If you have a custom flavour of android like motox you may have to unlock twice
– We could also pull down the status bar while on the lock screen, a minor annoyance that needs a fix

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