If happiness is a goal that you are running after, Happify aims to take you there with lots of mental stimulation, games and activities. You can choose to have a Happify session for relaxing or stress reduction. Though a unique concept for an app it does have scientific backing if you do the research about what the app is making you do. We have’nt tried it long enough for long-term effect, but definitely a one of a kind app on the play store. (Note: its beta and lot of InApp purchases)- TheAppCurators

Developer: Happify, Inc.
Category: Health & Fitness
Google play Rating: 3.4
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Try the Happify app, now in beta for Android! Elevate your happiness and feel better about your life: Featured in the New York Times and called one of the top 10 apps to train your brain on CNN.com, Happify has turned a decade’s worth of research into activities and games that help you create habits for a happier, more fulfilling life. Developed with leading scientists, our program will train you to disrupt patterns of negative thinking, manage stress, and build skills to overcome various life challenges.

Happiness. It’s winnable.


ABC World News’ Mara Schiavocampo
“I gave it a shot for 5 weeks…it works!”

The New York Times
“Each track contains bite-size quizzes, games and activities that guide you to seeing more positive aspects of your daily life.”

The TODAY Show
“These are things you can do every day — tasks you can complete and be rewarded for — to feel better, reduce stress, live a better life, and actually be happy.”

Katie Couric: World 3.0 on Yahoo
“You fill out a survey that evaluates what’s keeping you from a high happiness quotient, then you’re given games and activities that will boost your mood, like Uplift, Serenity Scene, and Gratitude Walk.”

Fox 5’s Laura Evans
“I absolutely love it. It’s a cool and convenient way to keep your focus on being happy.”


“Life is more rewarding today. My burdens are lighter. Hands down I have more energy to live life, more energy to share.” – Sally, Portland, OR

“I’m happier, and other people have noticed it and commented.” – Jill L., Queensland, Australia

“At first I thought the idea of it seemed so ridiculous but the discipline of doing it every morning has helped me re-focus my energy into changing bad habits. I would recommend it because I see results.” – D.U., Tacoma, WA

“I am being more proactive in my life and looking at the positives rather than negatives.” – C.W., Maui, Hawaii

“Since completing a track, my Happiness score almost doubled. I am being kinder in my self-talk and I am enjoying little pleasures every day and truly appreciating things I used to take for granted.” – Michelle G., Boyd, TX

“I am more productive, as a result, without even trying to be, because I have more energy and a better attitude in all I do.” – Cathy T., Tucson, AZ

“I feel more positive, happier, and like I am dealing with stress more effectively.” – Sarah Upton, Albuquerque NM


* Join a 4-week happiness track designed by an expert
* Complete happiness-boosting activities on the go
* Enjoy activities, quizzes, games, and polls in every Happify track
* Get support and feedback from the Happify community


Happify recommends daily activities that deliver the best results for you based on your goals:

* Cope better with stress
* Conquer negative thoughts
* Build self-confidence
* Fuel your career success
* …and much more!

86% of people who use Happify regularly report feeling better about their lives in 2 months!

Happify is free to download and use. You can upgrade to Happify Plus and get access to even more!

To upgrade your account, choose a monthly or yearly plan.