Do you feel overwhelmed by the number of newsfeeds and blogs that keep demanding your attention, Arego newswall seems to have found an answer. With the number of news websites and blogs exceeding a few thousands, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to spare time for every source. Newswall allows you to spread reading schedule across days or hours, for instance I can say get me photography articles on friday afternoons,  finance news on all days, sports … you get the idea. Here’s the concept explained by the developers themselves.

Arego Newswall
Developer: slidingbits
Category: Personalization
Google play Rating: 4.0
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Disclaimer : The reviewer is very closely associated with the app, so there is no verdict or rating

You could use Arego Newswall as a reader app to fetch the most relevant news for that hour. You can also set Arego Newswall as a live wallpaper. We  found the wallpaper mode more interesting as it keeps refreshing with interesting news, but the scrolling news ticker effect is not to everyone’s taste, but give it a try. Photo feeds are probably the most appealing in wallpaper mode.

arego_options_screenCreating reading schedules is quite easy with more than 200 news sources to choose from. Each news feed schedule can be further customized with day of the week and time of day.

The wallpaper mode also has a few options, you can turn off the news ticker effect and have a simple wallpaper with headlines. Clicking a news item brings up an elegant and simple reading pane, though some font customization options would have been even better.

The usual social media options of sharing and saving a news article are available when reading a news clip and you can always goto the original news source in a browser to read the full article. The thumbs up and thmbs down buttons on top of the reader pane allow you to tell the app whether you like such articles or not. Overtime newswall builds up a profile of your favorite news and serves the most important ones first.

Here’s the promo video to end this app review.