One of the best sky maps on the play store. Out from nowhere we have SkEye taking the crown away from the now seemingly abandoned google skymap. SkEye works best with a telescope and patience for stargazing, but curious folks can still try to spot bright objects with their eyes too. If you’re into astronomy or have kids around that need help with the skies, this app is like google maps for the skies. Check it out its pretty accurate and enough settings to keep the maps and labels unobtrusive  on dark nights. – TheAppCurators

SkEye Astronomy
Developer: Harshad RJ
Category: Education
Google play Rating: 4.3
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Google Play Description:

SkEye Astronomy

SkEye is an advanced Planetarium that can also be used as a PUSHTO guide for telescopes.

Ever wondered what objects are up in the sky? Now you can get familiar with Astronomy by identifying stars, planets, and constellations. Also look up deep sky objects from the Messier and NGC catalogs.

If you have a telescope, just strap the phone onto the OTA and you get a PUSHTO guide!

‣ Features
• Time machine : Jump to any date in past or future
• Real time Alt-Azimuth and Equatorial coordinates
• Messier objects
• mini-NGC catalog (subset of ~180 bright objects)
• Solar system objects including all 8 planets and the 4 Galilean moons
• Night Mode
• Search, with a guiding arrow
• Alt-Azimuth, Equatorial grid

‣ Tips:
• For better accuracy, calibrate the magnetic sensors by waving the phone in a figure-8 motion of your hands.
• For advanced use read:

‣ Upcoming features:
• More deep sky objects, Satellites and Asteroids
• Support for DSC with encoders