A swiff knife of a productivity tool and a small database for phones

minibeeMinibee Developer: SlidingBits
Category: Productivity
Google play Rating: 3.5
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MiniBee database and list maker for on the road productivity. Capture and organize information in tables. Store anything from movie lists, images to customer information on your phone. Simple freeform text searches and much more.

Ready templates for every task
– Store a zillion things like todo lists, home inventory, product catalogs
– capture travel expenses, fitness logs, workout logs, vehicle mileage
– Build a database catalog of your books, movies, DVD, and blue ray collections

Build your own custom database schema
– Create database tables and schema
– 8 different datatypes like numbers, text, images
– Capture images directly from camera
– Support for dropdown fields

Rich database interactions
– image gallery view
– Spreadsheet view of tables

Super fast and simple
– free form text search
– group and filter by field types

Database records
– Edit and modify database records easily
– Delete records
– Search for records

– 12 ready to use table templates
– More added in every build

Minibee can also be used as a simple list maker for everything that matters.

Variety of lists support
– Todo list
– Travel list
– Expenses list