This preschool educational app should keep young preschoolers occupied for hours in a day. What sets it apart is the wide range of activities from linguistics to color and draw. A young mind needs a variety of busy activities mixed with learning and this little app does it all. Its definetely fun for a teacher or parent to work with a child along with the app. There’s an ABC song, pattern matching, mini games and a few other activities. Hit the link below and try it out. – TheAppCurators

ABC Learning Games for Kids
Developer: 01 Technosys
Category: Education
Google play Rating: 4.9
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ABC Learning Games for Kids

Are you trying to find the best ABC learning experience game (Android app) for your kids ? If Yes, then you have landed on the right page. Just go ahead and install this app on your Android device from the “Install” button above and explore the most enjoyable ABC learning games for kids experience.

We designed this ABC alphabets for kids app by keep teachers and parents in focus – 01 Technosys

In this era of modern technology,  and fast life, we have the most advanced and optimized tools to teach our children. With a lot of ABC learning games for toddlers available in store market, What makes our ABC learning games for kids stands out is our graphics and ease for kids to learn ABC. Preschool ABC games are easy and interactive way to keep kids learn new things like every kid love ABC Song. We designed this ABC alphabets for kids app by keep teachers and parents in focus, as they face a lot of challenges while mentoring kids to learn ABC and understand their phonics.

We took all the odds from teachers, ABC learning games for kids helps amazingly parents & teachers to engage kids in ABC learning in a fun way by playing ABC games, ABC quiz and ABC patterns.

ABC Learning Games for Kids includes amazing features.

We have taken time and spent a lot of hard working hours to bring this engaging ABC Learning Games for Kids android app to perfection. There are many sub features within the main app including:

Learning and reading ABC  (A to Z)

Android applications are usually engaging and fun to use. This very basic educational app provides children a very easy and playful approach to start figuring out the letters (A-Z).  with colorful and interactive screens.

Figuring out Letters(A,B,C,…..,Z)

Toddlers/Kids get instructions in such a way that they understand it instinctively. After carrying out deep research and in conclusion to experts’ opinion, we figured out that normally kids of age 1- 6 years, do not tend to like or engage with conventional educational applications i.e. English learning games, or ABC tutorials.  While developing this ABC learning games for kids app, we took special care of interests of our target audience (1-6 years olds), and had created appealing colorful graphics that help them focus and get the best learning experience.


ABC linguistics (phonics) are also available in mellow tones, with rhymes that makes it easier for kids to remember their ABC lesson with our ABC Learning games for toddlers.

Interactive sounds

Rhythmical poems interactively using animal sounds along with English alphabets (ABC) are also included in the app package for ABC learning games for kids.

Basic English Writing

This ABC learning game for kids is patterned very technically to train kids/toddlers with writing English as well as reading.

Filling colors

Kids love colors. Preschool ABC games trains the children to combine the letters & colors to recognize the alphabet (all alphabets A-Z).

Pattern Drawing

There is a pattern design section as well where the kids can use their own imagination and draw patterns and show off their newly created design patterns and Match dots.

Matching the Dots Game

In this ABC Learning games for kids, we had integrated a “Matching the Dots” game, to keep the kids engaged, it teaches them while they play.


Graphical sequences used in this best ABC learning games for kids are brilliant